Our kosher stays




D’holydays is certainly an organization of Kosher stays Lamehadrin for 15 years. But above all, it is a family. Dolly and Shlomo Lellouche, supported by all their children, welcome you in a warm family atmosphere. You will immediately feel confident because taken care of down to the smallest detail, in simplicity.

Be ready for a kosher stay like at home with the added luxury of a hotel and a caterer at your service. We have acquired thanks to D. a very good reputation, because our concern is above all to satisfy you fully. In our time, our need for holidays, to get out of our often trying daily life is vital.

For this D'holydays hopes to offer you each time appointments that soothe us, rest us, but also that energize us and project us with joy for a better recovery. To do this, we choose beautiful places, because they are close to nature, and which immediately give us a smile, joy of living, serenity.
Our ambition: to enjoy great comfort, luxury aesthetics, and above all the refined and abundant pleasures of unparalleled cuisine, grandiose kiddush. Of course with an irreproachable level of kashrut.

Our services, courses and conferences contribute to recharging our batteries spiritually and intellectually, always in song, humor and good humour. So we leave with the energy of accomplished and proud people. Our audience is diverse. Although the vast majority are religious and therefore faithful to their principles, everyone finds their place in harmony and respect.

Our great pride, which we admit without modesty, is that of always finding our customers, sorry our friends, who become our family. And we thank you for this immense Happiness.